Key Point Features.

Allows you to prioritise bale chasing with any make or method of bale collector to clear the fields fast and protect the bales from the weather, moving the pre-formed stacks at a later date.
Simple to operate.
ABS and air brakes as standard.
Uses tractor hydraulics. Requires three double acting hydraulic spools.
Can pick up any 2.50m x 2.50m (8ft x 8ft) stack of bales up to the maximum height for the trailer. Please see table below for the maximum capacities.

Bale Sizes (Maximum Capacity).

27 of 80cm x 70cm.
24 of 80cm x 90cm.
18 of 120cm x 70cm.
16 of 120cm x 90cm.
12 of 120cm x 130cm.

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