Key Points Features

Fully automated
Collect 5 different big bale sizes with one trailer
Full loads/Part loads
Option tie in layers for stack stability
ABS and Air brakes as standard
Pick up existing stacks - use all year round
Telemetry to allow for remote diagnostics
Reversing camera and lighting package as standard
PTO driven. 6 spline 540 RPM
Fully CTF capable

Bale Sizes (Maximum capacity)

27 of 80cm x 70cm
24 of 80cm x 90cm
18 of 120cm x 70cm
16 of 120cm x 90cm
12 of 120cm x 130cm

Auto Mode

With the click of a button, the Transtacker 4100 will go into ‘Auto Mode’ which will allow the Transtacker to be filled and into road mode without any movement of the joystick or input from the operator.

Before you engage ‘Auto Mode’, you can manually configure where you want the bales to be tied in the stack, what size bales you are working with and how many layers you want before the Transtacker moves into ‘Road Mode’. This will eliminate operator error and ease of operating.

Once completing your specified bale configuration, engaging ‘Auto Mode’ will open the Transtacker up ready for chasing (As seen in the video above). When you start adding layers to the Transtacker bed, you will see the layers start to be added on your in cab screen so you know what layer you are on so you can plan ahead for the most efficient bale chasing.

Once full the Transtacker will let you know on the screen and it will bring itself into ‘Road Mode’ ready for transport. This again will let you know on the screen.


Grab Arm & Pick Up

The new designed CTF Grab arm allows the operator to pick up bales at most angles eliminating the need to be accurate. When in ‘Auto Mode’ simply push a bale into the hydraulically dampened Bump Paddle, this will automatically start the Pick Up sequence squeezing and aligning the bale tight up against the Pick Up frame securing the bale, lifting it clear of the ground without stopping or slowing your forward speed.

The bale is placed on the turntable pushing any previously collected bales to the far side, the tines then retract and the pick up returns to its home position ready for the next bale all in one smooth automatic movement.

The Pick Up height can be adjusted for the varying bale sizes allowing the operator to place the bales on the Turntable smoothly. The Pick Up will automatically raise and lower when in ‘Road Mode’ to give more ground clearance when traveling.

The Guide Bar and Grab Arm will automatically retract when “Road Mode” is selected or when the Transtacker knows its full for safety. There are also two spare tines mounted on the chassis as standard.


The large capacity turntable can handle all sizes of bales listed without any modification or adjustment. It is capable of stacking the bales passed on from the pick up by either raising in the forward position or rotating through 90 degrees so the stack can be tied together for safer stacking as the double row of strengthened tines secure the bales in place. This tie-in function is performed automatically once the operator has input the bale configuration to the Transtacker.

Once vertical, the turntable will then push the bales rearwards to locate them as the start of the stack or guiding any previously placed bales towards the rear to form the remainder of the stack.

The turntable will also stay in place when the “Full Load” function is activated and act as a clamp to secure the stack when raising at the stack site.


Side Gates

These have been designed with the maximum possible strength but still retaining a narrow profile for overall machine width and weight savings.

When the Transtacker 4100 is in ‘Auto Mode’ the Side Gates will open and close automatically when the Turntable is loading bales onto the bed, making the loaded bales extremely secure. This allows the operator to achieve steep angle hills without the worries of the bales tipping over or sliding.

When the “Road Mode” function is activated the Side Gates will automatically grip the bales so you can proceed to the stack site without having to worry about adjusting any settings ready for tipping.

With the Side Gates having the ability to open 90 degrees to their closed position, this allows stacks to be tipped up tightly to a neighbouring stack.

Rear Clamps

As with the Rear Clamps, maximum strength is the priority. When a full load is sensed the clamps will automatically grip the bales with massive force thanks to the revolutionary hydraulic system ready for tipping.

With the new designed Top Rear Clamp Paddles, re-picking stacks has never been easier. Even if the stack is side by side, the Rear Clamps have smooth edges to eliminate the chance of cutting strings when sliding the Rear Clamps in or out.


Auto Part Load

Introducing the new Fork System with the capability of automatic Part Loads. The Transtacker will simply know when you have a part load, with one swift movement of the new in-cab joystick it will tip up and load the bales to the back of the trailer ready for you to upload them.

The new and improved Fork system is run off a Pulley Beam that is controlled by a 3 stage cylinder. The Forks cables can be easily adjusted with an inbuilt rigging screw to increase accuracy when calibrating the fork cable lengths.

Tipping and Collection

One of the unique features of the Big Bale Transtacker is the ability to not only vertically stack the bales it has collected but also pick them up again for transport to another location.

The bales are held securely using the Turntable, Side Gates and Rear Clamps and reversed toward the existing stack. The trailer can be tipped whilst moving.

When the tipped stack is in position, activate the joystick control which then starts to open all clamps.

Drive away, one simple and efficient procedure. Picking up the stack is just a matter of reversing this process.

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